About Us

LED Phone Case Made by Two Crazy Fans

Thanks for visiting our celeb merch store. Here we mainly design and sell LED phone cases. GalsGlow is a small business launched by two young ladies in December 2021. We are big fans of many pop stars, like Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Black Pink, etc.

We are obsessed with collecting celeb merchandise, with phone cases being one of them. We once bought two LED phone cases from Etsy, which were so cute! Many fans asked for the link but the price prevented them from owning one. It was $ 45 each, which is quite expensive, especially for students. So we decided to do something.

We started this small business with a little know-how and with the hope of making these amazing LED phone cases affordable to all fans, no matter who or where you are.

We Aim To Make All Fans Happy

It’s a business run by fans for fans. So we hope our LED phone cases can make your day. Every LED phone case is examined and nicely packed before we hand it over to the carrier.


If you request a custom order, we will do our best to get a design you are happy with.



There are some ready-designed celeb LED phone cases of your choice. 

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