Taylor Swift LED Phone Case 1989 tv (Is It Over Now)


  • Coolest celeb phone case that flashes in 7 colors when there’s sound detected
  • Our case is made of 9H tempered glass back panel + soft TPU bumper
  • The case and cable we use are very durable as well as very thin and light
  • Our glowing cases give an cool light show with a very very low battery consumption.
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[Taylor Swift Phone Case That Lights Up]
With smart LED lights built inside, our Taylor-inspired phone case will light up in 7 colors when you play music by Taylor and others, or with the sounds of incoming calls, notifications, and more.
[Amazing Light Show on Your Phone]
The LED lights will automatically sync up to your phone’s speaker and play a unique light show. Its flashing speed and colors change with the rhythm of music or different sounds. Simply plug the cable into your phone’s charging port, turn on the music, and rock better with Taylor!
[Awesome Quality & Low Power Consumption]
Our Taylor LED Case is built of an ultra-tough tempered glass back panel with a soft TPU frame to protect your phone from scratches, bumps, and dents. It uses low voltage, so the power consumption is very low.
[Design & Handmade With Love]
We carefully adjust all the designs and test different spots for lighting up in order to create a Taylor Styles LED phone case that perfectly matches your device. If the item arrives damaged or defective, we will gladly ship a new one to you.
[Various Designs At Your Choice]
We will release more Taylor-inspired LED Cases and just stay tuned to our Instagram or TikTok! (@galsglowcase)
[Custom Your Own Design]
If you fancy a special LED case for your phone, come custom a unique design with your own favorite art edits, and photos. Celeb-unrelated custom requests are welcome too!


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Customer Reviews

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constant issues but cute

I love Taylor Swift and 1989 is my all time favourite. I was so excited when I got my order and it did in fact light up. it's so cute and I was so happy! I always kept the USB port plugged into my phone unless if I was charging it. unfortunately it stopped working randomly one day. I had taken such good care of my case and have been careful and it just won't work. the cable doesn't seem to be damaged but it's obvious one or multiple wires are. I'm very upset because I've had it maybe 2-3 weeks and it just won't work anymore. very disappointing because the total cost was about $35 dollars and it didn't last me a month. tried to contact customer support but they didn't respond and it's been way over 24 hours. I decided to just email instead of requesting since they didn't get back to me. hoping they'll replace my case or refund me.

edit: they got back to me when I emailed them instead of requesting help. they offered a replacement after video proof my case doesn't work and I paid $4 to cover shipping of my new case. it's been a month or so later and it hasn't been shipped at all. no lable created either. I emailed them 2-3 days ago and they have failed to respond. I'm very disappointed with this business and how they handle defects or issues with their cases customers received. they have also technically stolen money from me since I haven't received a replacement like promised. and an fyi international shipping to the USA at MOST takes 3-4 weeks. while $4 isn't a lot, it looks bad on a small business to take any money like that and not keep up with their end of the replacement

edit: after submitting my review and an email they got back to me a few days later. they never sent a tracking number until that email, saying my carrier was supposed to send me one. mail units don't send customers tracking numbers, that's the small business' job. I worked a small business before and I had to send out tracking order and extra tracking if I messed up or a product was damaged within 30 days. I found it odd they never thought to email me my tracking number. my Shopify never updated which holds tracking numbers to my address which is why I thought they never sent it out. I appreciate them sending it out and getting back to me. my case works again and I hope it doesn't break so soon as the last one did. they were very kind throughout this process. I just wish I had more communication of when my replacement was shipped plus the tracking number, because I really thought they just didn't send it out.

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